SIP Trunking


For many customers who are just beginning to use VoIP, SIP trunking may be the perfect place to start.  It is especially suitable for companies who have made investments in legacy PBXs and may have a variety of solutions within their network.

SIP solutions offer equivalent quality to traditional analogue (ISDN) connections. The service is resilient and proven.   The continual improvements of broadband connections and the introduction of Fibre and EFM technologies means the price of connections has dropped dramatically and reliability improved.

SIP Trunking offers the benefits of :

  • Free calls between sites
  • Enables the rationalisation of PBXs across multiple sites
  • Lower cost calls
  • Cheaper than ISDN when setting up new sites
  • Fully scaleable – turn capacity on and off as required
  • Creates a common dial plan
  • Allows you to keep your existing telephone numbers when moving
  • Better business continuity options
  • Can be used as a stepping stone to a fully hosted VOIP solution

Equinox can help you identify if SIP Trunking is right for your organisation and identify the best solution. Call us on 020 8912 0845 to find out more.