All organisations are facing the increasing challenge of providing communication solutions for an ever expanding mobile workforce. The concept of a standard 9 – 5 office role is decreasing, with people regularly working from home, hotels, internet cafés or while travelling both home and abroad. Whilst mobile phones have a role to play, they alone are not the solution, in fact if not carefully managed can become an expensive option.  Good mobility solutions improve performance, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Options include:

  • Landline extension on your mobile
  • Hotdesking & Homeworking
  • Unified Communications
  • Conferencing – Audio and Video
  • Collaboration across remote sites
  • Wi-Fi Roaming
  • Applications to reduce the cost of mobile calls when abroad

Most telecoms brokers are linked to one of the mobile operators and so has a limited range of options.  Equinox isn’t and so provides independent advice based on your business requirements.

Equinox will help you identify the right combination to help your organisation. Call us on 020 8912 0845 to find out more.