For many years companies have used the PBX as the main means of communications.  Since the introduction of the IP PBX the pace of technological change has gather speed.  More and more companies are making the transition to IP-based PBX systems because they offer flexibility and cost savings.  Additionally IP enables organisations to create a single network to handle all communication needs, voice, data and all types of multimedia services across IP networks.  With the rapid take up of SIP services as a means of connectivity costs are also falling.

The adoption has mainly occurred so far in medium and larger enterprises, but smaller companies are beginning to see the potential benefits.  There are many suppliers in the market place, so how do you determine which is right for your business?  There are many factors to consider:

  • Do you wish to migrate slowly or a you looking for immediate replacement?
  • Which features are most important to your organisation?
  • To what extent are you seeking to integrate PC applications to your telephone system?
  • What is state of your existing network?
  • What support options are available?
  • What special deals are available?

Equinox can help by helping define your requirements and supporting or managing the entire procurement process.  Call us on 020 8912 0845 to find out more.