Cost Reduction


In today’s uncertain economic climate, many organisations priority is to reduce their current cost of operations rather than spend money on new technology. Yet few have taken the easy option to closely examine their existing expenditure.  There are often many simple to implement opportunities including:

  • Audits to identify unused circuits, landlines and mobiles
  • Switching providers for mobile and landline calls
  • Reduced maintenance options
  • Apps to reduce the cost of roaming calls when abroad
  • Switching from ISDN to SIP Trunking

Equinox can help organisations identify potential savings through its knowledge of the market and suppliers.   On average we find 30% but in one instance we reduced a school’s cost by 90%.  Our review is free and you keep all the savings.

Call us on 020 8912 0845 to find out more or . simply email your latest phone bill for a free review