Contact Centres


Contact centres have radically altered the way businesses communicate with their customers and not always for the better.  For those that have already deployed solutions, managers are under increasing pressure to deliver improved customer services while reducing costs.  Utilising strategies that have included offshoring have alienated many customers wanting a more personalised service, as have the use of multi level auto-attendant and voice recognition solutions.

For organisations considering their first contact centre it is important to recognise it is more than just deploying technology, but also requires examination of processes, skill sets and even organisational structures.

New technologies mean that there is no longer the need for agents to work in one place.  Homeshoring is an emerging trend of virtual call centres, where people work from home, and has led to dramatically reduced staff turnover and improved costs.

Hosted and Network based solutions also offer the option to acquire the technology without significant upfront capital investment.

Effective solutions improve performance, increase efficiency and reduce costs. Options include:

  • Multimedia Contact Centres
  • Virtual Call Centres
  • Call recording
  • Self service
  • Inbound call management
  • Predictive Diallers
  • Quality Monitoring and Workforce Management

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